Customer Relationship Management is one of the powerful solution for Real Estate business. It helps to manage work, client interaction, simplifies agent communication, selling buying process and much more. It’s very difficult for agents to manage all the data on Excel. With the help of CRM Software, they can easily focus on building relationship & sales. Below are important CRM features which can help real estate industry in sales, marketing, customer service and more.

Data Automation

Setting up CRM system, helps you fill the data forms, files, documents automatically and can be access anytime, anywhere whenever required. Also, it makes customer relationship simpler. CRM can reduce your data entering tasks which will allow you to utilize your time with prospect. Powerful CRM tool also helps you to calculate the amount of time it takes for the leads/prospects to turn into customers/buyers.

Marketing Automation

Feature rich CRM provides marketing automation solution to help in streamlines, automates and measure complete marketing efforts of your business, which can increase efficiency and business growth.

Faster Response Times

With the help of a CRM software, its easy to response customers concerns, questions or any other queries quickly. It also allows you to personalized the automated responses which can be communicated to customers.

Centralized Database

Intuitive Real Estate CRM keeps track to all the buyer/seller’s data, managing leads, documents and also provides informative data and sales reports. CRM software delivers great ability to enhance the complete buying and selling process.

Alerts & Notification

Follow-ups alerts & notification is very much important. Keeping contact with all the prospects is necessary. CRM system helps you to manage all the contact in a centralized place. It gives timely notification & status of each contacts, which prospects need to be called, mailed and much more.

All the essential data such as property details, client details, transaction data, and reports are just a few clicks away with Vitalblocks CRM real estate software. Save time & money with our powerful CRM software for real estate.

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